Status Solutions Technical Training Programming Course ($600)

The targeted audiences for this program are the project managers, installation engineers/technicians and the technical support/help desk staff of the dealer company.

Once a sale is completed, it will be the responsibility of the implementation and the support teams to ensure to deliver what was agreed by the appropriate sales staff to meet the customer expectations of how SARA needs to function at the customer site.


At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:
  1. History of Status Solutions & why we are in business
    1. What is our purpose?
    2. Who is the instructor?
    3. Why are we at Jenne?
  2. Theory of the “alert server” and how we apply it to various business models
    1. Discussion on how this technology applies to the following:
      1. Health Care
      2. Education
      3. Government
      4. Other industries
  3. Overview of our available equipment
    1. SARA Enterprise
      1. Why we don’t allow our SW on other hardware
    2. SARA 100
      1. Typical customer
      2. Typical Setup
      3. Licensing
    3. At home with SARA
    4. The three levels of NOC Agreements
      1. SW updates
      2. Features provided with a NOC agreement
    5. Devices
    6. Integrations
      1. Scope
      2. DLC
      3. Generic Serial
      4. Generic Label
      5. Fire Panel
      6. Legacy Nurse Call
      7. etc…
  4. Staging an installation
    1. Server Prep
    2. Device Prep
    3. Customer Prep
    4. Testing
    5. Coming up with a good plan of attack
  5. SW Training
    1. Modes & Actions
      1. We touch base on this twice (once each day)
    2. Device Categories
    3. Alert Devices
    4. Process Types
    5. Integration Types
      1. Steps to ensure a successful integration
  6. Troubleshooting

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