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Cloud computing is evolving the IT marketplace and the channel. Organizations are adopting infrastructure, platform and application services to augment and replace legacy IT hardware and software. End-users appreciate the Cloud’s agility, scalability, elasticity and predictable IT costs. Cloud computing affords VARs and service providers with the ability to offer scalable solutions at lower operating costs with fewer assets, provide reoccurring revenue and predictable profitability.

Per Gartner, the worldwide market forecast for public cloud is estimated at $129 billion with a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17%.
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Where Does the Name "Cloud Computing" Come From?

The name originated during brainstorming sessions among software developers and network architects. When laying out ideas on a whiteboard, they needed a way to convey remote computing conducted over the Internet and began using the image of a cloud to depict this concept.

Pay-as-you-go cost model

Typically a monthly operation expense (opex) paid during the period of usage, rather than a larger upfront capital expense (capex.)

Time savings

The responsibility of software updates, patches and other routine maintenance tasks shift to the cloud service provider, freeing-up IT staff time.

Pay-for-what-you-need usage model

Fees may be based on the number of users, the amount of storage, compute instances or some other metric. This model minimizes overpaying for unused resources.

Levels the playing field

Cloud services expands the depth and breadth of technology available to small and medium size businesses, allowing them to compete with much larger firms.


Rapidly add users or capacity in peak time; scale down during off peak times.

Security improvements

In an interconnected world, on-premise IT systems are not as safe as they may appear. Cloud service providers invest heavily in security technology and expertise and are especially adept at thwarting certain types of security attacks.

Speed and agility
Get up and running quickly (under many cloud use scenarios).
User friendly

Many ‘born in the cloud’ services are designed with the Internet and the user experience in mind, providing a superior experience over legacy software applications.

Enabler of innovation

Add new capabilities, leverage APIs, free up IT staff time from routine IT maintenance to focus on innovation.

Backup /disaster recovery

With on-premise IT systems, a natural disaster, fire or other issue could comprise business operations. Generally, cloud solutions provide superior backup and disaster recovery.

Mobility/remote access

Add new capabilities, leverage APIs, free up IT staff time from routine IT maintenance to focus on innovation.

Backup /disaster recovery

Many cloud solutions provide superior mobility/remote access capabilities compared to on-premise solutions.

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