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What Does it Mean to be a True Value Added Distributor?

By Susan Elder, Senior Director of Marketing, Jenne, Inc. on  May 16, 2019

By Susan Elder, Senior Director of Marketing, Jenne, Inc.

The term ‘Value Added Distributor’ (VAD) has been around a long time. What does it really mean? And why should Value Added Resellers (VARs) be picky about the VAD with whom they choose to partner?

Let’s start with the definition of a Value Added Distributor. A true VAD not only offers top-notch pick, pack and ship services, but also offers programs and services that add value to the distributed products that increase their value or worth. This value addition can be segmented into three areas: 1.) Pre-sale; 2.) Support of the sale; and 3.) Post-sale.

Jenne, Inc. truly is a VAD. We offer assistance pre-sale through many means, including Jenne Solutions Designer (JSD), a multi-product online configurator that allows resellers to design real-world solutions in a matter of minutes. JSD allows resellers to quickly produce professional quotes, proposals and customized cover letters in a user-friendly export featuring their own company logo and branding.

Additionally, pre-sale and throughout the entire sales process, Jenne’s team of sales professionals, including both inside sales representatives, business development specialists and territory field sales representatives, work together to provide first class customer service and support, making sure that every request and order is satisfied in a timely and professional manner. It is this ‘high touch, fast response model’ that distinguishes Jenne from the competition.

Additionally, Jenne sales reps are highly trained and hold certifications for the top manufacturers represented. They take additional on-going training throughout the year to stay current on their certifications and new products as they are introduced.

Another value-add that Jenne offers is training to resellers through Jenne University. Jenne U. is the place where training and support converge. While other distributors outsource their training instructors and facilities, Jenne maintains its own brick and mortar training center where customers can gain technical or sales expertise. State-of-the-art training facilities incorporate fully equipped classrooms with a conference demo center. Jenne offers customized training maps specific to a reseller’s sales and technical competency to insure the curriculum aligns with their business needs.

Jenne University also is a Pearson VUE accredited testing center, which means that students take the test on-site as soon as the class is completed. They do not need to register for testing at a different location or at a different time. Students benefit from having the course material still fresh in mind, resulting in higher pass rates.

In addition to technical and sales training, Jenne offers Technical Support services with in-house technicians who have completed manufacturer certification requirements necessary to qualify for Tier 2 technical support. Technicians are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET at no additional cost. Full 24/7 support also is available for a nominal charge. Jenne technicians have access to all of the equipment the company distributes so that they can access equipment and replicate problems or issues as they are presented by customers and help them resolve the issue.

A problem area for VARs is the tracking of service agreements, post-sale. Jenne has a unique, proprietary service contract tracking program that notifies resellers when service contracts are coming due for all products purchased through Jenne. Resellers receive advance notification at 90, 60 and 30 days prior to expiration so that they can contact the end-user customer and renew the service agreement.

Jenne’s goal is always to strive to be the premier Value Added Distributor in the telecommunications industry. We continually are looking for new ways to satisfy our customers and surpass their expectations. We’d love to hear your feedback. Contact Susan Elder, senior director of marketing, to share your ideas.