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Panasonic UC

Panasonic Unified Communications – Work Well, and Well into the Future

Whether customers need a communications server and desk phones or cordless calling in the cloud, Panasonic has the right connections to support and grow with companies of any size, empowering employees to work how they want.

Business Communication Servers

  • KX-NSX2000
    • Next-generation IP-based business communications server designed to support growing enterprises in need of a flexible solution.
  • KX-NS700 Series
    • Compact hybrid communication platforms designed for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • KX-NS1000
    • IP communications platform designed for the small to mid-sized business as well as the enterprise facility.

Cordless Phones

  • KX-WT125/KX-WT126 Entry Level Business DECT Models
  • KX-TCA385 Rugged DECT Handset
  • KX-TCA285 Slim & Light DECT Handset
  • KX-TCA185 Standard DECT

Digital Phones

  • KX-DT500 Digital Telephone Series
  • KX-DTU100 Digital Communication Terminal

IP Phones

  • KX-NT500 Business IP Telephone Series
  • KX-NT600 Business IP Telephone Series

IP Video Camera/Doorphones

  • KX-NTV150/ KX-NTV160 SIP Camera Communication Solutions for Indoor Surveillance

SIP Phones

  • KX-HDV430 High-End SIP Desk Phone with Camera
  • KX-HDV230 Standard SIP Desk Phone
  • KX-HDV130 Basic SIP Desk Phone
  • KX-TGP600 SIP Cordless Phone System

Unified Communication

Physical Security

Cloud Services

Networking Infrastructure & Storage