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Percipia believes that technology solutions should be customized to work for your customer's business and not the other way around. Percipia is dedicated to delivering the best telephony and mobility solutions that support their clients' needs.

Percipia is a hospitality technology leader by delivering telephony and mobility solutions, software, and services in the most innovative and cost-effective way. Their products span from hotel systems integration to guest room and administrative call control and offering enhanced in-room smart device applications.



  • Frequency PBX - On-premise Call Control
  • Frequency Stratus - Cloud Telephony
  • Frequency Operator - Call Center Operator Panel
  • Frequency Connect - SIP Softphone Application
  • Precision VM - Guestroom and Admin Voice Mailbox
  • Informant CAS - Call Accounting Solution

Systems Integrator

  • Parallax - Integration Engine
Enhanced Applications

Enhanced Applications

  • Latitude AIO - In-room iOS and Android Mobile Applications
  • Latitude Mobile - Guest Device Downloadable Applications
  • Latitude DS - Tablet and Kiosk Digital Signage Solution
  • VIVIA - Voice Integrated Virtual Assistant