Jenne Staging and Provisioning Services

Jenne® staging and provisioning service performs all the preliminary configuration, licensing and upgrades enabling you to rapidly install systems on your customer’s network or as a stand-alone unit. A technician's time is focused on billable hours and you have the peace of mind that your customer's unit is tested and upgraded to the latest software and firmware.

Staging of PBX:
  • Install all hardware, internal daughter boards and expansion modules
  • Upgrade the control unit or MPR and all modules
  • Test all digital and analog station ports
  • Test all digital and analog trunk ports
  • The equipment remains on the test bench for a 24 hour burn-in time
  • Validate all licenses
  • Simple IP addressing
  • Securely repackage all equipment and ship it to the requested destination

Provisioning SIP Phones:
  • Remove packaging from each individual SIP phone.
  • Power the SIP phones utilizing a POE switch
  • SIP phones and PC are plugged into the same POE switch get an IP address via DHCP
  • SIP phone firmware is upgraded as required
  • Program Hosted Solution information provided by the customer
    1. Set the proper hosted solution path
    2. Set the SIP TCP / UDP ports utilized by the hosted solution
  • Repackage phones in original boxes.
  • Drop ship phones as required

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