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Jenne, Inc., is a leading U.S. based value-added distributor of technology products and solutions including product solutions that qualify for the E-rate Program for Schools and Libraries. Jenne is dedicated to tracking emerging technologies, and offering fresh solutions, new equipment and related applications. Our “high touch, fast response” model allows our customers to be more successful more quickly.

Accutech's Kidz pediatric elopement system draws on the unique capabilities of Accutech's Cuddles infant protection and ResidentGuard wander management systems. This ensures the safety and security of pediatric patients. Built on their advanced wireless platform, Kidz helps your customers to guard against pediatric and patient flight while also providing the comfort and freedom that younger patients demand.

In 2014, the FCC made changes to the E-rate program to open up new options for bringing Wi-Fi into schools. With $5 billion earmarked for wireless over the next five years, there is tremendous potential for urban, suburban and rural schools to gain state-of-the-art Wi-Fi capabilities. The E-rate program now allows schools to take advantage of managed wireless services. With ADTRAN managed wireless services, schools can leverage the expertise of managed service providers, developing partnerships with these companies to optimize the Wi-Fi infrastructure. This service can be delivered in a variety of ways, and the flexibility to choose the managed service that best meets the school’s need is key. For example, a school can choose to purchase equipment, but have a service provider manage the equipment for them. Or, a school can choose to completely “outsource” management of its Wi-Fi network with the service provider providing management through the cloud.

APC by Schneider Electric wants to be your customer's trusted partner in education. They know that your K-12 customers in particular are faced with short buying seasons and limited funding. Working with APC ensures that your customer's K-12 opportunity is simplified and profitable with E-Rate opportunity approvals and instant stackable discounts. Meanwhile, your K-12 customer is provided a solution that is trusted & innovative as APC is the market leader in single phase UPS and enclosures and has a rich history of pioneering the power protection industry.

Your customers can capitalize on E-Rate funding to build their school or library network to open the path to new educational opportunities for their students and teachers. Avaya’s Wireless LAN 9100 series access points will give them expanded Wi-Fi capacity now and in the future. It also provides the tools to manage theor network as an educational resource.

Today’s educational multimedia enables students to reach beyond the classroom, so the entire school campus needs to be connected. For K-12 schools, students learn based on personalized lesson plans, and teachers and parents collaborate online. Connectivity also supports the work of administrators and staff, video security, and gathering areas.

To ensure today's students have access to the digital resources they need, schools must provide sufficient network bandwidth to support the exponential growth in demand. Dell EMC networking solutions and the E-rate program help make this possible.

EnGenius provides K-12 schools with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor networking solutions that deliver the speed, range, and reliability required for Wi-Fi connectivity in high-density, 1:1 educational environments.

K-12 school districts are faced with striking challenges, as well as opportunities to reshape how students are best prepared for college and 21st century careers. Schools can take advantage of emerging educational technology to meet the teaching needs while adhering to austere budgets. Delivering personalized learning to students requires rich, digital content including video and adaptive learning text books. eTextbooks and video present high quality learning content at lower cost than traditional textbooks, but require high speed, ubiquitous Wi-Fi to connect every mobile device. Edge switches provide backhaul from the Wi-Fi access points and connect wired infrastructure to the network. High availability or fault tolerance are important to insure uninterrupted teaching.

Hundreds of K-12 schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, and other educational institutions have an ICC structured cabling system installed on their campus because it’s aggressively priced to fit within tight budgets. Moreover, it provides better value by connecting more students and staff to high performing data, phone, audio, and video in the classrooms, dorms, labs, library, auditorium, and administrative offices.

Educational institutions are not exempt from power-related problems. voltage spikes, power surges, brownouts, and blackouts have no conscience when, or where, they strike. Classrooms, labs, and administrative offices all are vulnerable and are guaranteed to be subjected to power problems throughout the year. Minuteman power protection products are used in hundreds of educational institutions because administrators, IT managers, engineers, and consultants recognize quality and value.

All college campuses feature Wi-Fi networks throughout their facilities. Wireless is mission-critical for instructional content, classroom programming, and overall lifestyle. The speed and integrity of the Wi-Fi network is a key selling point for many campuses when they are recruiting students. Campuses with many buildings of various ages and construction, and a mix of venues from large stadiums to individual residences, create unique challenges for wireless network designers. Typically, 100% wireless coverage and uptime is expected. Many of the buildings are essentially open to the public, so physically protecting APs is important. Choose Oberon to identify the right product for integrating Wi-Fi technology into almost any campus environment without compromising performance.

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