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Hundreds of industrial facilities and manufacturing companies are looking for the most durable, cost effective solutions for their business.

Algo's alerting endpoints provide comprehensive solutions for voice paging systems, telephone alerting (e.g. loud ringing, visual ringing), safety, security and emergency notification (e.g. OSHA), bell scheduling and playing music. These solutions can be deployed in any application environment requiring crisp, clear audio, such as manufacturing and utility facilities.

In the manufacturing industry, improving efficiency and quality is a consistent challenge that demands effective collaboration among manufacturers, suppliers and customers. Business video conferencing solutions from Lifesize make this collaboration happen simply, cost-effectively and without the need for travel.

Boosting productivity and cost savings can be big challenges for manufacturers, whether they’re growing local companies or multi-national organizations. Whether your customers want to better manage their supply chain, improve connectivity across multiple locations or reduce wasted time and resources, Mitel collaboration tools and communications technologies are uniquely tailored to meet their goals.

To better serve staff, manufacturing facilities are modernizing to IP communication and security systems. NVT Phybridge’s award-winning CHARIoT products, with SmartPathPoE™ technology, have been enabling manufacturers worldwide to implement Modern LAN principles and deploy the best IP devices within the Internet of Things.

Spectralink enterprise phone solutions are uniquely designed to cut response times, minimize production downtime, and improve overall manufacturing and production plant efficiency and productivity. Spectralink understands that any delay can decrease output and waste labor resources, directly impacting your customer’s bottom line, not to mention their reputation. Spectralink’s unique solutions integrate wireless systems with production monitoring equipment so communications are streamlined throughout the facility no matter where users are—even in environments covering millions of square feet across multiple buildings, or in difficult coverage areas.

Yealink’s video conferencing solutions allow businesses to conduct quality, high-definition video conferencing between a head office and smaller manufacturing facilities, allowing for greater communication efficiency.

Zenitel offers a wide range of devices for intelligent communication for factories, production lines, warehouses, and distribution centers. Their integrated communication systems unify operational, safety and security systems enhance workflow. From Clean-room to IEC-Ex devices, Zenitel offers a complete solution for communication over radio, telephony, PA and EN54-certified voice alarm, keeping your customer’s employees safe, their property secure and their operations profitable.

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