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Retail Mobile Products and Solutions

The retail market is estimated to be a $40B opportunity in North America and is typically broken down into specialty retail, hospitality, and convenience and grocery store segments. One of the truly interesting aspects of the retail market is its growing integration with mobility. Jenne offers a wide-range of retail mobile products and solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Reliable and clear communications have never been more critical than in today’s retail environment. With so much choice, customers can afford to be selective about the brands they engage with. The result is retailers are increasingly competing based on experience. Those retailers incorporating communications as a key component of delivering an exceptional brand experience are seeing outsized returns. The 8x8 Retail Solution combines voice, meetings, team messaging, contact center, analytics, services and support into a comprehensive communications solution that enables retailers to optimize every precious moment of engagement with their customers.

Retail stores across the country are utilizing Algo Noisy Location handsets to improve telephone communications with their customers. According to a regional market manage of a retail chain, Algo’s Noisy Location handsets have made it easier for staff to hear and respond to what customers are saying on the telephone, despite loud background noise.

Retail Wireless technology reduces the complexity and cost of installation, while providing consistently available connectivity for streaming video, uploading and downloading data, and connecting voice applications. One network can be leveraged to support enterprise connectivity, video surveillance, and customer Wi-Fi. Wireless solutions from Cambium Networks provide end-to-end connectivity that can be deployed indoors and outdoors at a fraction of the time and cost of wired or fiber solutions. Configuring and maintaining the network is easy with Cambium’s cnMaestro™ management system that simplifies installation and provides a complete view of network performance.

Retailers are using digital transformation to reinvent themselves to achieve the same level of service, convenience, and personalization that is delivered online. They are also investing in strategic technologies to optimize their back-of-house assets and operations. Extreme Networks enables retailers to create a highly-personalized and mobile-driven shopping experience to meet the expectations of today’s shopper who wants to stay connected. Extreme’s retail networking solutions augment store operations and assets with network-powered analytics and improve the efficiency of an organization’s distribution centers.

Hanwha Techwin provides useful information for basic safety, security, and the efficient operation of retail stores. From single stores to multi-store chains, retail business activities demand a number of key features.

Every retailer is unique, with a unique set of challenges to solve. From cost control and multi-channel retailing to inventory management and more, Mitel’s retail customers have found ways to meet the ever-changing needs of a challenging industry. From auto dealerships to retail food stores, each of Mitel’s retail customers has found ways to streamline processes, save time and reduce costs with Mitel’s retail solutions.

To better serve staff and customers, retailers are modernizing to IP communication and security systems. NVT Phybridge’s award-winning CHARIoT products, with SmartPathPoE™ technology, have been enabling retailers worldwide to implement Modern LAN principles and deploy the best IP devices within the Internet of Things.

Retail is at a crossroads. It needs to better engage customers, yet reduce costs and increase profits. The way forward is through innovative digital technologies that provide powerful new selling opportunities. Panasonic is creating physical retail solutions that rival the online shopping experience, with personalized interactions, quicker checkout and instant access to inventory and product data. Getting customers in the door is the first step toward a sale. Digital signage from Panasonic is a vibrant beacon that draws them in by showing immersive, multimedia content that grabs attention, make an outsized impression with stunning video walls, and provide highly personalized content with interactive, touch-screen displays.

RingCentral enables retailers to deliver the best shopping experience with voice, SMS, team messaging, video, and more. Harness the power of the cloud to deploy quickly across all of your customer's locations, allowing them to gain full visibility of their communications activity through powerful real-time analytics.

Retailers are facing an increasingly difficult business environment where customer numbers and sales are declining. Communication solutions can help resellers to increase their profitability in the shrinking market. Snom can enhance retail by delivering high-quality communications to people in an industry where acquisitions and mergers are the norm.

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