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Partners Love Working with Jenne

“I have been in the telecom industry for 26 years as a tech, manager and owner and working on the AVAYA family of products for my entire career. The last three companies I have had the pleasure of working with Jenne for many years. They have the best support team in the industry. Jenne’s technical support team, my dedicated account representative and many others over the years have been so helpful to us out in the field. I would recommend Jenne to any Business Partner that that is looking for a great company to team up with.”

- John Monge, Coordinated Business Systems

"My company has worked with Jenne as our primary Avaya Tier 1 Supplier since 2005 and has maintained this ongoing partnership because of what ATS views as “Best in Class” support. It is a true partnership. When Avaya introduced the Avaya Cloud offer, Jenne was chosen to be the first Master Agent. I was contacted by the Jenne Team immediately with the initial introduction into the program and since then they have provided ongoing support and follow up. This ongoing support is beyond my team’s expectations and has facilitated ATS bringing the Avaya Cloud Solution to our market."

- Bob Edens, President/Owner of American Technology Solutions, LLC (ATS)

"DLM Communications is one of Jenne, Inc.’s longest standing clients and has been partnering with Jenne for equipment purchasing since 1989. In this entire time, Jenne has been a most valued partner. As they have grown, they have been receptive to adding additional equipment that DLM needed to grow our business. Our dedicated Jenne sales representative goes above and beyond to accommodate any of DLM’s equipment needs, making them our one stop equipment supplier." 

- Vickie Lenhof-Muirheid, President, DLM Communications

“Jenne has been instrumental to our success with the Mitel MiCloud Hosted solutions. Jenne’s dedicated Mitel team members took time to guide us through the Mitel on-boarding process, and they provide regular Jenne Mitel webinars that help keep our sales people up to speed on products and updates. From quote to order the Jenne team is second to none.”

- Douglas Gillson, Director of Infrastructure, Stored Technology Solutions, Inc.

"We have been in business for 15 years and historically one of the largest impediments to the smooth operation of our company has been working through the bureaucracy that lives between us and the products that we need. We are a small company and are often purchasing from much larger organizations, which leads us to experience the following frustrations:

  • Getting the necessary technical information to make the right choices on vendors
  • Finding a good distributor when we know what line we are going to sell
  • Finding someone at that organization who can help us turn a proposal into a successful project

We have been interested in establishing a relationship with an IP camera manufacturer for some time, but for the reasons stated above (and others) had never found a good fit. Therefore, I decided to attend a Jenne security and surveillance solutions webinar. I followed up on the webinar with a call to my Jenne sales representative, who forwarded me to the right point of contact for my security needs, and in short order did the following:

  • Outlined the Jenne security offerings
  • Demystified the camera and NVR world (I cannot overemphasize that he understood my world and my needs, spoke my language, and was able to provide off the top of his head information that can take hours and days to obtain)
  • Provided me with pricing that I can make money with
  • Walked me through a competitive quote (and revisions) for my customer
  • Emphasized the importance of the manufacturer partner program and assisted in getting us enrolled
  • Helped us complete training and be ready to start our first project quickly

The net-result is that within one month, we went from nowhere to a very comfortable position in the security camera game. We have the right manufacturer, a great distributor, and someone who can help us navigate the entire process. Jenne was invaluable in making that happen.

We are a five year customer with Jenne, thus have a long history with Jenne employees doing their best to make dealing with manufacturers as painless as possible. I have always felt well served by everyone within the organization, and the recent experience in the physical security field took our overall satisfaction with Jenne to the next level."

- John Malanga, The JDM Group

“Being in and around telecom for over two decades, Jenne has been a great resource for us in growing our business with Yealink product and support. Jenne’s knowledgeable sales representatives combined with their dedicated Yealink team of experts are able to support our product and service needs at all times. They are instrumental in closing the gap between the manufacturer and the reseller, and add value to the solutions that we offer to our customers. We greatly appreciate the pre- and post-sales support and look forward to a continued value-added partnership.”

- Ryan Sweeney, Chief Sales Officer, HelloSpoke