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Avaya Cloud Office™ ASRA Sales Certification Course

Some of the key learning objectives covered are:

  • Identify potential opportunities
  • Describe the key capabilities, including how they address customer challenges and bring positive business outcomes to our customers
  • Explain how to differentiate Avaya Cloud Office™ from competing solutions on the market
  • Understand how to demonstrate key features

The Course Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Avaya Cloud Office™ Overview
  • Identifying Opportunities for Avaya Cloud Office™
  • Avaya Cloud Office™ Features and Capabilities
  • Demonstration of key features and capabilities
  • Competing with Avaya Cloud Office™
  • Selling Avaya Cloud Office™
  • Summary and Resources

Prerequisite Learning:

There are no mandatory prerequisites for this course.  Avaya recommends:

46190W, Avaya Cloud Office™ for Sales, or equivalent knowledge

Technical Requirements:

A PC with Internet Access


PDF Application to view course content

Phone/Headset for dial in access to meeting Audio OR, use PC Audio with a USB/Bluetooth Headset/Mic