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  • Sales Hacks for Uncovering Contact Center Opportunities

    August 31, 2022

    Customer experience is at the core of every successful business, but many of your customers don’t understand contact center jargon and how the technology can help.

    Learn a few key sales hacks that will simplify your pitch and help you identify more sales opportunities so that you can easily connect Contact Center capabilities with the real-world benefits that your customers care about.

    Topics Covered:

    • Sales Hacks for uncovering Contact Center opportunities
    • Why your customers and their clients care about customer experience
    • What defines a great customer experience and how you can help make it happen in any industry
    • Who participates in the purchasing decisions and what they care about
    • Contact Center capabilities that help your customers achieve their desired customer experience outcomes

    Presenter: Koray Parmaks - Vice President, CCaaS at Intermedia

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