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Extreme Networks Webinars

March 19, 2021

Today’s world is complex. Your customers’ networks don’t have to be. Learn more about how Extreme is ushering in a new era of effortless experiences.

Topics Covered:

  • New Wi-Fi 6 Universal APs
  • Learn how you can migrate existing XMC customers to ExtremeCloud IQ
  • Extreme Campus Controller products updates

Presenter: Navneet Singh, Extreme Networks Design Engineer/Instructor at Jenne


February 24, 2021

As many organizations deepen the use of Cloud in 2021, are you and your customers set to join the mass industry migration of networks, to drive simplicity, agility, and cost reduction?

Topics Covered:

  • Extreme’s goal of Cloud-driven, end-to-end Enterprise Networks
  • WiNG and XCC on-premise WLAN management in XIQ
  • XMC connection to XIQ and future roadmap
  • XIQ licensing features and capabilities
  • XIQ demo for a look into XIQ on-premise device management

Presenter: Dione Potila, Extreme Networks Design Specialist at Jenne