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Avaya IP Office Sales/Demo APSS-SME Certification Workshop (APSS-SME Certification)

The IP Office Sales/Demo Boot Camp is designed for Sales Representatives of Avaya Business Partners with Sales responsibilities.
This course provides participants with PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE in presenting and positioning IP Office from a selling perspective. Sales Associates will learn the skills needed to organize and conduct a demo and utilize an IP Office demo system to demonstrate the features of the telephones, Soft Phone Power User/Tele-worker, Voicemail Pro, One X Portal, Mobile Worker, Web Conference and Video Conference. This class will also include a demo of the Radvision Scopia. 

Students will utilize their knowledge of IP Office by demonstrating, in front of the classroom using a live demo system, the features and applications and how to apply them to customer needs.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the features and applications of IP Office
  • Be capable of using an IP Office demo system to demonstrate the features and applications of an IP Office
  • Understand the key elements of organizing and conducting a demo

All students will prepare for and have the opportunity to take the Avaya APSS-SME Selling IP Office Certification Assessment. This assessment validates the knowledge and mastery of the requirements and considerations for selling IP Office. The assessment has 45 questions and a minimum passing score of 75%.

Learning Objectives:

This is a lecture and lab course in which topics are presented by the instructor, scenarios are explained, and assigned scenarios are completed by students both during lab periods and outside of class. Students will be assigned to teams and demos will be required to be practiced daily, and there is a comprehensive final demonstration.
The initial emphases of this course are on the use of equipment and basic procedures of conducting demos.

Course Objectives:

  • To educate students on the strengths of Avaya and IP Office.
  • To provide the basic understanding of Value Selling and how to use it during an IP Office Demo.
  • Orient students to the needs of individual decision makers and the applications that would be pertinent to their business needs.
  • To provide practical experience using IP Office for conducting demos
  • To educate students on the effective and efficient steps and best practices in conducting an IP Office Demo.

Required Supplies:

All students must have an Avaya Learning login. It is also required that all students bring a lap top and USB headset with them to class.