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Cloud software

Cloud software

Scale your resources, proactively manage your networks and deliver seamless customer service with Adtran’s cutting-edge SaaS and software-defined access solutions. Give your teams the actionable intelligence needed to bridge gaps and meet key objectives. Adtran software solutions cover a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Network management, reporting and orchestration
  • Physical and virtualized functions
  • Cloud or locally hosted WLANs
  • Data-driven and targeted marketing campaigns and customer insights
Optical transport

Optical transport

Open the door to tomorrow’s networks with the ability to face surging bandwidth demands and growing expectations without vendor lock-ins. Ensure fast, secure terabyte delivery across and between cities with technology designed for easy interoperability and integration. Leverage Adtran’s optical solutions to protect critical infrastructure against cyberattacks today, with existing quantum-safe encryption ready for tomorrow.

  • Terabyte delivery
  • Metro and long-haul distances
  • Open platform without vendor lock-ins
  • Modular platform options available for custom configurations
  • Agile, scalable and secure
  • Versatile applications

Data center interconnect for storage area networks, hyperscalers and more!
Using Adtran’s open optical transport technology, enterprises can achieve secure and reliable high-speed connectivity between geographically dispersed data centers. Adtran solutions utilize the latest photonic networking innovation, such as coherent optics, to optimize bandwidth and scalability. Upgrade to Adtran’s DWDM innovative technology for SAN DCI applications.

  • Fast, low-latency, transparent data transmission
  • Exclusive provider of a 64G fiber channel solution for quantum-safe DCI
  • Unparalleled scalability
  • Wide range of vertical applications for finance, government and other critical data
  • Reliable, secure and future-proof
  • Easy to use with low power consumption and a small footprint


Fiber access and aggregation

Fiber access and aggregation

Adtran helps internet service providers (ISPs), wireless ISPs, utilities, municipalities and many more build fiber networks that meet the growing needs of urban, suburban and rural communities. Adtran technology revitalizes schools and urban centers, stimulates economic growth and enhances power grid reliability. Reach your network’s fullest potential with a scalable, future-ready infrastructure.

  • Simple installation, flexible deployments, efficient operation
  • A true pay-as-you-grow model
  • Covers all deployment scenarios from large-scale to niche applications
  • Standalone, chain, ring, leaf/spine network architectures
  • United under a single control and orchestration platform
  • Inclusive of 10G Combo PON, XGS-PON and GPON technologies
  • Disaggregated or chassis-based options
Network infrastructure assurance

Network infrastructure assurance

Protect millions of concurrent end-customer services with the ALM fiber monitoring solution. Avoid time-consuming and expensive fault isolation, assure the customer experience and guard your investments. In-service fiber monitoring is an efficient way to detect, identify and localize any fiber break or degradation instantly, triggering countermeasures even before services are affected.

  • Better quality of service for customers and reduced downtime
  • Precise and rapid fault location
  • Reduction in truck rolls and other operational resource expenditures
  • Non-intrusive monitoring with single-ended testing
  • Vendor and technology-agnostic
  • Real-time fiber assurance via central monitoring
  • Utility applications for advanced communications infrastructure and broadband services
Residential solutions

Residential solutions

Adtran offers a complete portfolio of residential solutions comprising optical network terminals (ONTs), carrier-class mesh Wi-Fi gateways and satellites and cloud-management software. Whether delivering Gigabit or multigigabit services to homes, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), or small and medium businesses (SMBs), we have the right solution for your customers, enabling you to quickly deliver service rollouts and seize new business opportunities.

  • Broad portfolio of residential gateways and optical network terminals
  • Gigabit or multigigabit service delivery
  • Mesh Wi-Fi solutions
  • Network insights and control, multiple OS options
  • Innovative smartphone app for customer engagement
Business solutions

Business solutions

Adtran addresses the unique connectivity needs of any size business, campus, warehouse and more with products backed by industry-leading support and warranties. Harness advanced software and services for premier network performance that improves operations, maximizes infrastructure value and boosts user experience. Leverage Adtran technology to scale your resources, with 24/7 support access, so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Solutions for businesses of all size and campus-like networks
  • Flexibility of applications
  • Support bandwidth-intensive apps with routing and switching, VoIP, business Wi-Fi
  • Scalability and management with cloud software
  • Leading support and warranties
Oscilloquartz timing and synchronization

Oscilloquartz timing and synchronization

Secure timing is essential for zero trust architecture (ZTA) and critical infrastructure. Overreliance on GPS/GNSS is problematic and poses real security concerns. Disruptions, whether planned or unintentional, can cause billion-dollar economic impacts. Threats to GPS/GNSS are real and rising in frequency. Leverage Adtran’s advanced timing solutions to ensure optimal performance and resiliency in the fields of emergency services, telecom, finance, metrology, energy, academia, manufacturing, astronomy, government, aerospace, defense and more.

  • aPNT+™ platform featuring advanced optical cesium technology delivers industry-leading number of secure PNT holdover days
  • End-to-end timing distribution and assurance from the core to the last mile
  • Syncjack™ technology including a synchronization network management suite with an extensive toolset for remote configuration and troubleshooting
  • Innovative jamming and spoofing protection functions, automatically switching from compromised PNT sources to alternative reference sources
  • Accuracy and resilience in timing hierarchy
  • Defense against man-in-the-middle attacks and accuracy degradation
  • Leading-edge cesium clocks for unparalleled accuracy, resilience and reliability
Global services

Global services

Adtran has over 35 years of experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of networks. Leverage Adtran and partners for flexible degrees of support tailored to your deployment and maintenance needs.

  • Global presence
  • Expertise in deployment and project management
  • 14-day installation guarantee, leading warranties
  • Access to 24/7 support
  • Predictive surveys … and more!