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i-PRO Americas Inc.

i-PRO provides industry-leading solutions to capture, record, manage, and analyze surveillance video. They offer a comprehensive lineup of video surveillance products and solutions with the highest image quality, mission-critical reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Their goal at i-PRO is simple: to make your life easier. i-PRO has re-engineered their hardware and software into a plug-and-play platform that delivers enhanced point-to-point data security and enterprise-level management all wrapped in powerful, intuitive applications.

PTZ Cameras

i-PRO PTZ cameras combine unparalleled image quality with incredible durability and reliability. The perfect security camera for wide-area coverage requiring pan, tilt and zoom capability.

Multi Sensor Cameras

i-PRO multi-sensor cameras capture the highest quality images even in very challenging dynamic environments. These cameras can excel at capturing clear images, even in low light conditions from multiple angles through the use of their four repositionable lenses.

Dome Cameras

i-PRO fixed dome cameras have the power to be more discreet than standard fixed network cameras. i-PRO fixed dome cameras work well in busy open areas since they can conceal which direction they are pointing while still providing excellent and reliable video. 

Fixed Cameras

i-PRO fixed cameras provide a clearly visible, fixed angle of view, making it easy to see exactly where they’re pointing and record a precisely defined area. 

360 Degree Cameras

i-PRO vandal resistant 360º dome cameras are ideal for surveillance applications where wide area coverage is required. This type of camera allows for multiple viewing angles and can be used to improve area management as well as detect activities in a large area. 

Embedded Solutions

i-PRO embedded solutions allows the unification of large multi-recorder, multi-site networked video systems for centralized operation and ease-of-use.

i-PRO Mobile App

i-PRO Mobile APP is an application that can view the images from i-PRO Series Network Cameras, Network Disk Recorder. By connecting a terminal to a 3G/4G/5G or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), it is possible to view live images from cameras registered on the recorder and recorded images stored on recorders.

Network disk recorder:

  • Live image: Live images from the network cameras connected to the recorder
  • Playing back recorded images: To play back the images stored on the recorder
  • Transcode Playback feature (WJ-NX400 / WJ-NX300 / WJ-NX200)
  • Time & date search: To search the images to play back based on the time & date

Network camera

  • Network camera control* (Resolution switchover, focus, panning / tilting, zoom, preset position switchover)
  • Playing back recorded image in the SD memory card*

*Depends on the network camera functions.

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Holly Rivera

i-PRO Sr. Business Development Specialist