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Mitel Seamless Communications and Collaboration Solutions

Mitel is a global market leader in business communications, powering more than two billion business connections with their cloud, enterprise and next-gen collaboration applications

On-Site Solutions (UC)

While more businesses and applications are moving to the cloud, not all businesses are ready to take the plunge. Flexibility is key for businesses that need an on-site solution but realize that cloud communications are on their horizon. As businesses look to the future, it’s important to select a business communications platform that can accommodate their needs today with the capability to solve tomorrow’s problems.

They also need a solution that integrates several applications into one, such as communications and collaboration, phones, and integrated call center solutions. Not to mention integrating with third-party systems, which can help deliver a seamless workflow.

Mitel On-Site Solutions Include:

  • MiVoice Office 250
  • MiVoice Office 400
  • MiVoice Business
  • MiVoice Connect
  • MiCloud Office
  • MiCloud Business
  • UC Contact Center Solutions
  • MiCloud Flex
  • Analog Phones
  • SIP Desktop Phones
  • SIP DECT Phones
  • IP Business Phones
On-Site Solutions (UC)
Call Center and Customer Experience Solutions

Call Center and Customer Experience Solutions

Your businesses live and die by their customers, and their customers expect more now than ever before. Today’s customer journeys are omnichannel, seamlessly moving between phone, email, SMS, web chat, social media and in-person communications.

Giving customers the flexibility to engage on their preferred media is crucial to retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. At the end of the day, customers want their journey to feel personal, and an omnichannel customer experience provides that.

Mitel Contact Center Solutions Include:

  • MiCloud Engage Contact Center
  • MiCloud Connect Contact Center
  • MiCloud Flex Contact Center
  • MiContact Center
  • MiVoice Connect Contact Center

Next-Gen Apps

Mitel creates customized tools and experiences in a simple, cost-effective and flexible way with next-gen applications built on cloud technology.

Whether businesses are looking to leverage a cloud infrastructure or prepare for the future of cloud with an existing on-site communications platform, next-generation applications can help transform them to be more productive and effective.

Mitel Applications Include:

  • MiCollab
  • OfficeLink
Next-Gen Apps
Business Phones, Accessories and Peripherals

Business Phones, Accessories and Peripherals

Mitel's diverse selection of innovative business phone systems include digital and IP phones, consoles, conference phones and peripherals suited for businesses of all sizes and industries. The full suite of Mitel business phones delivers an exceptional range of features, flawless performance and complete flexibility to adapt to any environment.

Mitel Business Phones Include:

  • Analog Phones
  • IP Phones
  • SIP Phones
  • SIP DECT Phones
  • Digital Phones
  • Wireless Phones
  • Conference Phones

Unified Communication

Physical Security

Cloud Services

Networking Infrastructure & Storage