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Plantronics and Polycom have come together as Poly. Poly is the global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration. Face to face, they sift and sort millions of verbal and non-verbal cues to glean meaning. Poly is finding new ways to inject these cues into audio and video communication to replicate the face to face experience. To build intimacy. To break walls and span distance. To nurture the simplicity and beauty of human connection.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

  • Office Worker - Whether its for office communications connected to a PC, softphone, or desk phone, Poly has an audio solution that fits the need.
  • Mobile Worker - With employees' increased use of mobile and BYOD devices the need to communicate is from anywhere and everywhere. Poly provides audio solutions that support multiple operating systems and platforms.
  • Virtual Worker - Employees work from everywhere. Poly elevates the human voice for better communication, collaboration and productivity.

Contact Center Solutions

Customer service are the people trusted to talk directly with customers with the skills to influence how customers perceive a company's brand. Explore how to provide a better customer experience, and empower staff with better products, newer technology, and smarter workplace design.

Contact Center Solutions
Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration

Empower employees with face-to-face connections to streamline everyday tasks. Poly's video collaboration solutions help extend visual communications across organization. From sales meetings and product development sessions to doctor-patient conferences and crisis response command centers, HD Video solutions help people work together better to ensure successful outcomes.

Voice Collaboration

Telephone and speakerphone are still the communication cornerstones of any organization. Poly's legendary voice collaboration offers enterprise-grade solutions that are easy-to-use, work seamlessly with leading UC platforms, and provide the industry’s best voice quality for clear communication.

Voice Collaboration

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Plantronics Business Development Specialist
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Cloud Services

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