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Snom – first in VoIP

As a pioneer in VoIP technology, Snom leverages their technical expertise to deliver an innovative and diverse portfolio to the business market.

In 2016, Snom was acquired by VTech, a $2.1 billion global company with more than 25 years of experience in telephony.

Compatible with hosted and open-source PBX platforms, business phones scale from small operations to enterprise-level corporations. The brand’s award-winning SIP desksets, innovative mobility solutions and supporting telecommunication peripherals elevate the customer experience through advanced engineering and state-of-the art technology. Snom sells their products through a wide network of trusted partners, and offers complimentary U.S.-based support. Industry-leading warranties with advanced parts replacement translate to peace of mind and less customer downtime.

IP Phones

IP Phones

  • D700 Series SIP Desk Phones

Conference Phones

  • VCS752 SIP Conference Phone
  • VCS850 SIP DECT Wireless Expansion Speakerphone
  • C620 SIP Wireless Conference
Conference Phones
Mobility - Key Line Emulation Series

Mobility - Key Line Emulation Series

  • VDP650 SIP DECT 4-Line Base Station
  • VDP651 SIP DECT Cordless 4-Line Handset
  • VDP658 SIP DECT Cordless 4-Line Deskset

Workplace Mobility

  • M700 Multi-Cell DECT Base Station (Campus Range)
  • M325 Single-Cell DECT Bundle
  • M5 Range Extending Repeater
  • M85 Industrial DECT Handset
  • M65 Professional DECT Handset
  • M25 Office DECT Handset
Workplace Mobility


  • VH621 Convertible DECT Accessory Headset
  • A100D Binaural/100M Monoraul Wired Headsets


  • PA1 Public Announcement Adapter

Unified Communication

Physical Security

Cloud Services

Networking Infrastructure & Storage