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Trisys Inc.

Trisys has been providing premier telephone call recording and call accounting solutions for more than 30 years. Their product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions compatible with nearly all of today’s telephone platforms including hosted, on-premise and blended environments. Their solutions satisfy the demands of both SMB and Enterprise organizations, and accommodate single or multi-site installations. They help their clients to better manage business risks, protect against lost productivity, reduce costs, achieve compliance validation, and improve customer service and working environments. Their commitment to quality has brought them nationwide industry awards and recognition, as well as the appreciation of tens of thousands of clients. Your customers can count on Trisys to provide an exceptional product and to back it with excellent service and support.

Tapit RT Real-Time Call Center Performance Management Software (TPRT)

TapitRT is real-time call center performance management software offering a customizable dashboard and intuitive user interface for ease of use, maximum performance and productivity. Real-time access to employee status, including 30+ KPI metrics to monitor call activity such as abandoned calls, queues, transfers and holds, provides supervisors with the valuable data required to successfully manage call center agents, hunt groups and call queues.

Remote Manager – Multi-Site Polling Module (RM01-RM150)

Compatible with all Trisys products, Remote Manager collects data from multiple sites into a single database for single interface reporting, regardless of the phone system or method of data collection.

Replay Call Recording Solutions

Dependent on the solution, Replay Call Recording is available as software-only or turnkey options. Crystal clear digital voice recordings are cataloged and stored in the voice repository. Voice records are easily and quickly located, played back and managed using Tapit Call Accounting (included) as the search mechanism.

Replay T1 - for recording over T1 trunks: PRI (ISDN) or RBS (RPLT11 – RPLT14)

Replay T1 records voice activity over T1 trunks (PRI and RBS). This turnkey system is placed in the front of a PBX or a channel bank to record all incoming and outgoing calls, with optional single direction only recording. Replay T1 call recording allows pausing, starting and deleting voice records during the conversation provided the users have sufficient rights.

Replay ATS - for recording analog ports (RPLATS04 – RPLATS24)

Replay ATS records voice activity over analog ports (trunks or stations). The turnkey server can be installed in the front of a PBX for trunk recording or behind the PBX for selective station recording. Each Replay ATS server supports from 4 to 24 analog ports in 4 port increments.

Replay VoIP for connecting and recording over SIP trunks or VoIP phones

Replay VoIP records voice activity over SIP trunks or any VoIP phones. It works as a premise-based call recording solution that can be used with any on premise, hosted or cloud-based phone system. For larger installations, Replay VoIP can run on the same -- or distributed – network, supporting tens to thousands of VoIP phones.

Tapit 6 Call Accounting Software for SMB and Enterprise (TPNV6)

Tapit 6 is a responsive browser-based call accounting software offering the most comprehensive search facility in the industry. With a customizable dashboard, users have instant access to the most crucial reports and details of call activity with an auto-refresh feature. Users can automate report scheduling and distribution, backup/archive functions, and more. Tapit 6 supports unlimited number of users with security through roles and permissions with full audit trail of user activity.

Tapit 6 Upgrades (TPNV6UPG or TPNV6EZBUPG)

Prior versions of Tapit with valid serial numbers are eligible for discounted upgrades to Tapit 6. Users can choose between a software-only or turnkey upgrade, via the Tapit 6 ezBox standard or enhanced platform.

Tality Call Accounting for Hospitality and the Service Industry (TL01, TLEZB, TLEZB_ENH)

Tality Call Accounting was designed for the Hospitality and Service Industry, allowing businesses to recoup their telephone related expenses. It’s the tele-management product of choice for businesses such as assisted-living and nursing home facilities, cruise lines, resorts and spas, hotels, country clubs, and many more.