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Data Backup, Recovery and Archiving Solutions

Digitally connected enterprises have a need for data backup, recovery and archiving data – from restoring a single file, to archiving information to meet regulatory compliance or simply searching for information.

Jenne offers solutions from:

Intermedia's Exchange Email service backs up all the data that's stored in the cloud. But it doesn't protect Outlook data stored on a local hard drive. Intermedia's Outlook Backup tool ensures that this data is protected even if your computer crashes or gets stolen. If your users are leveraging the power of Outlook to store local data, then this tool is critical for protecting the intellectual property contained in that data.

Vault America, a leading provider of cloud-based storage specializing in data backup, recovery, and archiving solutions. From small businesses to multinational enterprises and designed for channel partners, customers use Vault America’s cloud storage services to solve their data protection, retention and business continuity challenges. Vault America delivers enterprise-grade performance and reliability without enterprise-level complexity and cost. Their cloud services provide storage efficiencies by minimizing risk and protecting prior investments.

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