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Businesses of all sizes confront the need to address security threats in the Cloud to manage and mitigate their compliance risks and resource constraints.

Alert Logic is the leader in security and compliance solutions for the cloud.  Alert Logic provides Security-as-a-Service for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, delivering deep security insight and continuous protection for customers at a lower cost than traditional security solutions. Fully managed by a team of experts, the Alert Logic Security-as-a-Service solution provides network, system and web application protection immediately, wherever the IT infrastructure resides. Alert Logic partners with the leading cloud platforms and hosting providers to protect over 3,000 organizations worldwide.

BCN offers on-premise managed firewall equipment, enhanced with software add-ons for advanced threat management, web filtering, and more. When your customers don’t have the staff or the desire to manage and monitor firewall equipment, BCN’s experts are ready to be their eyes and ears – serving one location or dozens.

Comm-Core is a leading innovator behind IP-based, hosted solutions. Leveraging their strengths in VoIP telecommunications, Comm-Core has taken the same knowledge and expertise and applied it to the security and surveillance markets. The result has been a hosted video surveillance solution that is leaner, higher quality and costs less to operate than competing products. Comm-Core Surveillance offers 24/7 live video monitoring, two-way audio communication and over 25 business and analytical features. With Comm-Core’s innovations in cloud technologies, coupled with their exceptional service, they are literally changing the face of video surveillance.